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  • Mackie Onyx 32-4

  • Dual QSC Power Amps

  • Yamaha 515 Wedge Monitors

  • JBL SRX 700 Mains

  • EV Sentry 505 Studio Playback Monitors

  • Bass Rig

  • Guitar Rig

  • Mics/Chords

  • Music Stands

  • Drum Pedal*double or single




          We like to plan your day around your project.  Wether its a live recording or isolated recording know that were here to capture your unique sound.

  • Studio A is equipped with the "Monster" Multi-platinum Neve 8108 48 channel inline analog recording console that brought you many of the 80's mega hits.  Famously from Music Grinder Studios.

  • Studio B is equipped with the Neve 8108 32 channel recording console aquired from the popular tv show "Nashville" found a new home at MegaSound Studios recently.

  • Otari MTR90 24 channel 2 inch

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