Our Services...


Full band rehearsals are usually held in Studio A (with live tracking available) - with a minimum 2 hour booking.

Rehearsals include a full backline with:

  • Full pro live sound PA set-up

  • JBL and DDS pro PA Speakers

  • 2 versatile guitar amplifier heads

  • 3 guitar cabinets of various brands

  • 1 bass amp head 

  • 1 bass cabinet

  • Electric guitar*

  • Drum Pedal

  • Bass guitar*

  • Cables*


  (*on request, as available)


We have mixing, mastering, and full music production available.


Get in touch to find out more about:


  • Re-mixing / re-mastering of your existing recordings

  • Mixing / mastering services for MegaSound recording projects

  • Full music production for recording projects in the works


Recording is booked with the engineer of your choice (as available). Mixing, mastering and production services are also available upon request.

We have a full backline available for you (see rehearsal listing).


To best prepare:

  • Make sure you and the band is tight

  • Set up a rehearsal the day before (feel free to leave your gear overnight)

  • Call ahead with any questions

  • Prepare to have fun!

ADR Services


Full VoiceOver services and remote studio tracking.