For rehearsal you receive Studio A's tracking room for however long you book it for(1 hour min.).

You get a full back line including;

  • Full pro live sound PA set-up

  • JBL and DDS pro Pa Speakers

  • Two versatile guitar amplifier heads

  • Three guitar cabinets of various brands

  • A bass amp head

  • A bass cabinet

  • Bass guitar*

  • Electric guitar*

  • Cables*

  • Drum Pedal*


  (*If needed)


         For recording, we record you with the engineer of your choice. We use what we've learned over our careers to make you professional and have a fantastic recording!

What you should do to prepare;

  • Set up a practice a day before to feel out the room(Also you could save money by leaving your gear for the next day!).

  • Make sure you and your band is tight

  • Prepare to have fun!